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A+ Reliable Resources for Our Clients

  • AAHA Healthy Pet Website Reliable information source to pet owners. Featuring pet tips, FAQs information library, Find a Hospital, blogs, newsletters, and more!
  • Alberta Animal Health Source Information for the public on veterinary medicine topics concerning Albertans.
  • Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital YouTube Channel This is a direct link to our YouTube channel, where you will find a mix of educational and training videos. Also you can view old footage of Breakfast Television appreances by Dr. Schell.
  • City of Calgary Animal Services Resource for Calgary bylaws, complaints, and impounded pets. Also great information on responsible pet ownership and licensing, as well as the benefits of pet licensing.
  • Dogs and Ticks Ticks are common parasites that can be found anywhere from the deep woods to urban parks. Ticks can carry a number of diseases that affect both pets and people. This website is a source of prevention tips and information for the public.
  • Hill's Pet Nutrition Reliable and scientifically proven resource on pet nutrition with information for every life stage from pediatric to seniors. Addresses many myths about pet food in today’s pet food industry.
  • International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Information for pet parents on hospice care and preparing to say goodbye.
  • Partners for Healthy Pets Information for pet owners on health exams as well as tips and information on other important pet health topics.
  • Pet Health Network Reliable and trusted website with a whole library of pet medical information.
  • Pets and Parasites by Companion Animal Parasite Council Great information website on all things parasite. Not only intestinal worm information and protection tips, but also ticks and heartworm. Changes we are seeing year to year with migration and climate change.
  • Rabies Aware Travelling to the U.S.A. with your pet? Some states require an up to date rabies vaccine by law. This website provides information on the regulations for each state.
  • The Indoor Pet Initiative An informative website with indoor cat information, featuring indoor cat needs, stressors, problem solving, behaviors and videos! A great resource for cat lovers and owners.
  • Veterinary Oral Health Council Great information on veterinary oral health with a list of approved pet products. In order to become approved products must run clinical trials and support claims for preventing plaque build up.
  • Veterinary Partner Another Veterinary Medical Library with trusted information for our clients. With so much information in the internet we want to ensure you have a safe place to look.
  • VetStem – Stem Cell Treatment Information on this service and how it may benefit your pet. Dr. Schell is certified to perform this unique treatment option.
  • Young Living Essential Oils This is the line of essential oils that Dr. Schell uses and recommends. It is a very informative website.

Emergency or Afterhours Care

Links and Resources to Help Say Goodbye

Memberships and Associations of Dr. Schell

Pet Insurance and Payment Plans

  • Health Smart Financial Third party financing option with monthly payments and fast approvals.
  • Pet Plan Insurance This insurance company has been around for many years in the USA, but is new to Canada. We were impressed with their coverage and plans. They say that they will not increase premiums or reduce coverage due to claims. We also like that the clients can cho
  • Pet Secure This offers company different levels of assistance from accident/emergency care to preventive care and vaccinations. Great to help with budgeting expenses.
  • Petcard Financing Petcard is a third party financing service that offers monthly payment options. Information and application can be found on this website.
  • Trupanion We have had great dealings with ths company, and the coverage is unlimited for your pet’s lifetime, which is amazing! This is a great way to help budget emergency/unexpected veterinary bills.

Products and Services We Love!

  • 24Petwatch Microchips Great information on micropchips, lost pets, and recovery. This is the brand of microchips that we use. One of the best things you can do for your pet is to give them a permanent ID.
  • Bark Busters In Home Dog Training Are you fed up with your dog’s behavior? Do you want a better behaved dog? One that is a joy to be around without embarrassing you or your guests? I can help you improve your dog’s behavior by using simple, dog friendly techniques.
  • Calgary Humane Society Behavior Programs Group and private behavior training for your pet
  • Geoffery Martin Watercolour Painting Geoffrey Martin is a watercolour artist specializing in commissioned portraits of animals, including dogs, cats, birds and horses – and people too. He does amazing work and we have some of his portraits in our hospital.
  • Kuranda beds Kuranda beds are amazing! We use them in our Day Care facility. Great for older pets and those suffering from arthritis. You can order for your pets by clicking on this link.
  • Remind My Pet app This is a free service app that you can sign up for a use to help remind ou about pet medications. It is so great. you can set it up to email or text you when you need to give medication to your pet. (Especially great for monthly deworming!)
  • Toe Grips Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are made of natural nonslip material that grips the floor in a way dog toenails cannot. No more slipping on floors and stairs!
  • VetStem – Stem Cell Treatment Information on this service and how it may benefit your pet. Dr. Schell is certified to perform this unique treatment option.
  • Young Living Essential Oils This is the line of essential oils that Dr. Schell uses and recommends. It is a very informative website.

Rescue and Adoption Resources

Volunteer Information