Client Reviews and Testimonials

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    • “Always feel that my pets are the number 1 priority. Very little staff turn over is great to see and they all remember my girls. Dr Schell is extremely knowledgeable and brings new ideas and info on every subject, ever time. Highly recommend visiting!”  Jennifer 3/2017
    • “Love the staff and the attention our pets receive! Always friendly and helpful!” Carole 2/2017
    • “We have always been extremely satisfied during and after our appointment. The way all of the staff interact with Lloyd warms our hearts and puts us at ease. Lloyd is a rescue and is unsure of a lot, but his experience is always so great here.” Brittney 2/2017
    • “So excited and pleased to see that essential oils are used. All my questions were answered and I felt my opinions were valued. My puppy’s first vet experience will shape her future reaction to visiting… she loved it! Thank you!” Ashley 1/2017
    • “BEST VETERINARY EXPERIENCE IN YEARS!! Dr. Schell and her wonderfully warm, professional staff truly exemplify what every vet office shd be. Compassionate, affordable, accurate diagnosis & treatment, in the most comforting environment. 5 Stars PLUS!” Bonilyn 1/2017
    • I feel Olivia is in the best of care, she is always happy when she’s with you guys.” Karen 1/2017
    • “The whole operation impressed me. I appreciate tech and liked the very thorough “Wellness Report” for MJ. The information package I went home with was extensive and covered all the bases. All the staff made a great fuss over MJ.” Tom 12/2016
    • “I couldn’t be happier with the treatment my dog has received and I’m thrilled that Dr. Julie includes myself and my other dog as much as possible. Every bit of my experience at this clinic has been wonderful and very inclusive. Highly recommend!” Kendra 12/2016
    • My babies are receiving better health care than me. Thanks to Dr.Schell’s dedication and staff.” Loc 12/2016
    • “I love the service that I receive and most importantly, I feel that the staff value my pet as a customer. They easily recognize him and speak with him when he is around.” Robyn 12/2016
    • “Maya gets care above and beyond what one typically expects from an average vet. She has had her difficulties since I brought her home, and her success and improvement over the last year has been in large part to the exceptional care she receives.” Karen 9/2016
    • “Trust! I trust your opinions and ideas and know that you have our furry kids best interests at heart.”  Anonymous 8/2016
    • “I have been taking my dogs here for years and I have always been treated respectfully and the dogs have gotten top notch care.” Ben 8/2016
    • “Bow Bottom offers a balanced mix of holistic and western vet sciences. This is hard to find. My dog enjoys visiting the clinic.”  Rhonda 8/2016
    • “Pleasant surroundings, pleasant staff and Barney returns home as if nothing happened to him, even though he was on holidays.”  Wayne 7/2016
    • “The hospital staff are very caring. Whatever they can do to help your pet is their top priority. They all are very helpful and kind. They love animals very much and are good listeners and are very attentive.”   Kim 7/2016
    • “We’ve been coming to this clinic since we arrived in Calgary. You guys really care about the animals and their families.” Pauline 6/2016
    • “Warm, friendly, competent and you always remember our names! Terrific customer service – many medical facilities could learn from you.” Lonny 6/2016
    • “My family has gotten great care at Bow Bottom over the last 15+ years. The staff are great: helpful and informative and very skilled at handling difficult/frightened cats.” Candice 5/2016
    • “Staff are attentive, caring and knowledgeable. They know us by name and show genuine care for my fur babies.” Callie 4/2016
    • “Everyone was super helpful and friendly and showed genuine interest and care for our cat. Definitely made a stressful situation much less stressful and much more enjoyable.” Kathy  4/2016
    • “I know my dogs are receiving the very best care possible. Dr. Schell is extraordinarily committed and passionate. Clinic staff are welcoming and attentive. Often, Tracey, Erin & Hannah listen with concern, offering much appreciated tips and advice” Cheryl 4/2016
    • I know each time I bring Charlie in for an appointment he is getting the very best care. It’s obviously that Dr. Schell and all of the staff really care about their patients. Charlie is always happy when he leaves, even despite the needles! Thanks!” Lianne 3/2016
    • “A+! I choose this vet clinic and Dr. because they care so very much for your pet, they are like family, just as our fur babies are to us, you know you are going to get the best care possible for your pets!” Sherr 3/2016
    • “Shelby received the very best of care during her 5 1/2 years, from puppy stage to palliative care. All of the staff at Bow Bottom Vet were extremely professional and compassionate and attended to Shelby’s every need.” Don 3/2016
    • “I am extremely impressed with how thorough and detailed our appointment was. The follow up call to check up on our dog was appreciated and amazing. We will be changing vets for our other dog as well. You guys are great!!” Kim & Heather 2/2016
    • “I am so glad I tried Chinese medicine for my cat, Micah! I learned so much in the appointment, and I feel that I understand my cat so much better! I look forward to bringing my other animals to Dr. Schell! Excellent service from everyone there!!” Andrea 2/16
    • “Every time I walk into your offices I feel like myself and Malakai are treated like dear friends. I have 100% trust and faith in your entire team to provide the best care possible for my dog. I am so thankful to have found a place like this! Thank you!” Dana 2/16
    • “We just had a nail clip and picked up food on this trip. Always a pleasure and our dog loves all the girls!” Janet 2/16
    • “The staff and Dr. Schell are the best and they make sure you and your pet or pets are well cared for.” Sharra 2/16
    • “Dr. Schell is so knowledgeable and thorough when treating the pets. She has given me hope that my pet’s health can be improved when I thought there was no hope left. I’m looking forward to having my best friend back to normal!” 12/2015
    • Excellent care and you always remember the personalities of each of my animals.” Teresa 12/2015
    • “Great concern was shown for my pet, she was not just a number on a conveyor belt. Also time was taken to make sure everything was right, not rushed, even though it was the end of the day. Very appreciated.” Regan 12/2015
    • “I was very impressed with the friendly and caring attitude of each staff member I encountered. Their love of animals was obvious. Very thorough!” Janice 12/2015
    • “Because we were not just a paycheck or a number to the staff.  Everybody actually cared about Shadow and me and made sure that Shadow was comfortable and well taken care of. I could not of ask for a better veterinary experience.” Christian 11/2015
    • “I honestly wish our clinics and hospitals had the hospitality, care, politeness, calming, help of understanding what’s going on in detail, many options on how to go along with moving forward without feeling broke. We 100% enjoyed our visit, thank you.” Stefanie 11/2015
    • “I was impressed with how the vet wanted to treat and heal my cats. Instead of just wanting to cut all the bad stuff out and call it good.” Keith 10/2015
    • “So compassionate, kind and caring. Extremely knowledgeable about western veterinary medicine as well as holistic treatments. Never felt rushed. Well worth a long drive.” Jessica 09/2015
    • “I feel my dogs are loved by staff at Bow Bottom Vet Hospital. I do recommend the hospital whenever the topic of vets comes up. I feel very confident that my dogs, 6 and 13 years old are receiving the best possible care.” Michelle 08/2015
    • “The staff is always friendly and helpful. Everyone is knowledgeable and are genuinely concerned about my girls health. I have already recommended this clinic to a friend. Thank you.” Dayle 07/2015
    • “The energy in this clinic is positive and bright. My pet and myself feel safe and taken care of there. As an owner of a pet with trust issues and problems with fear I find it remarkable how well sue handles being there.” Camilla 06/2015
    • Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, loves animals and thinks of what’s best for our pet.” Colleen 05/2015
    • “Staff all very friendly and made us feel comfortable as soon as we entered the clinic! Received all kinds of great information and look forward to the future watching my puppy grow together!” Mike 05/2015
    • “I totally trust the people at Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital and they are always available when my pet needs them.” Kathy 04/2015
    • “Julie was very knowledgeable and we felt she really knew what was going on with Asia. So we felt she really wanted to make sure she treated her to the best of her ability…” Amber 03/2015
    • “Bow Bottom Veterinary Clinic was a nice clean place for my pets and myself. It has an awesome & friendly staff, who you can tell love what they are doing. I’d definitely recommend anyone going to take their pets here. Thanks for everything ladies” 03/2015
    • “I felt very comfortable with everyone, they were kind, patient and very friendly! I’m extremely pleased with the service provided.” 03/2015
    • “Everyone at Bow Bottom is wonderful! Dr. Schell and her staff are friendly and enthusiastic and it is so clear that they care about about every animal that comes into their clinic. They go above and beyond to provide the best care for my pets.” 02/2015
    • “Abby and I always enjoy are visits at Bow Bottom. Dr. Schell is so knowledgable and always provides us with great tips and advice. Abby has had spinal surgery so her chiropractic and acupuncture appointments help to keep her moving and feeling well.” Stephanie 02/2015
    • “I never felt anybody could care about my best friend as much as me till I came to Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital.”  Chase 02/2015
    • “One of the best, if not the best, vet clinics I have attended. Dr Julie Schell has developed a great practice and staff. I very much appreciated her advice, intelligence, philosophies and approach. I will refer friends and family!” Donna 02/2015
    • “Bow Bottom provides the highest standard of veterinary care. Dr. Schell helped Duike live to the ripe old age of almost 16 & a half, years past our expectations. She treats my pets and I with the ultimate respect and indulges my thirst for knowledge.” Christine 02/2015
    • “I have been bringing Brownie here for 13 years. They are always friendly, answer my questions and take very good care of him. I like the fact they follow up on visits to ensure all is well with him and to see if I have any other questions/concerns.” Kathy 02/2015
    • “I really want to thank you guys so much!! This was the first time since I found out about Kodas cancer in July that I have felt positive about the situation. Dr Schell was so lovely and very informative!” Dana 02/2015
    • “It is always a pleasure, everyone is so pleasant, and Stone & Dozer enjoy their visits too. We have been with Bow Bottom Vets for a long time, have always felt comfortable with the care all of the dogs we have been fortunate to live with.” Hilary 02/2015
    • “Pepper received first class attention and care. The entire staff looked after her so excellently.” Jim 01/2015
    • “Love you all! Thanks for taking such good care of Sasha and Buster” Carole 01/2015
    • Very friendly staff and made us feel very comfortable. Great experience, all our questions were answered. 01/13
    • “Dr. Julie Schell, all techs and the entire staff did such an unbelievable not only professional job but their compassion was over the top. All Staff exceeded my expectations. Dr Schell and the Bow Bottom Vet Clinic will be my 2 kittens veterinary hospital for the rest of their lives!! Which I feel will be extended because of the care they both will receive.” 12/12
    • “I have been to quite a few different vet clinics over the years with all my different dogs and this clinic is by far the most spectacular I’ve been in. I am so much looking forward to my dog being cared for and getting her healthy with your help. I have already bragged about your services to some of my friends. thanks so much.” 12/12
    • “I was very impressed with Dr. Schell. She is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything about the problem at hand and answered every question that I had. I left there with more information than I expected. Dr. Schell is more concerned with the health and longevity of my dog than trying to push expensive uncalled for procedures. Quite refreshing after visiting numerous high pressure sales people disguised as veterinarians who’s soul purpose in life is to squeeze every dollar possible out of the situation. I would highly recommend Dr. Schell and the Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital to any and all family and friends. Even those that don’t have pets.” 10/12
    • “It’s beautiful, I loved how clean yet comfortable the whole clinic is.” 08/12
    • “What an amazing experience! I have not found a clinic and vet I was so pleased with until now. I’m so lucky to live close to your clinic, but would travel across the city and back to return for the same experience. The nurse was friendly, clearly explained the possible invoice and what herbs and oils I could go home with, I appreciated her being able to answer my questions too. The front desk staff was super friendly, made me feel comfortable and was nice to chat with, another staff member walked by and she was really pleasant, friendly and made my dog and I confident in your daycare and overnight care. Dr Schell is truly wonderful, and I had the greatest experience I’ve had with a vet. I appreciated the entire session and will be recommending your hospital to friends and those who want to take a holistic approach to their pets needs. Thank you everyone at Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital for helping us. We will be seeing you soon with our other 3.” 08/12
    • “Overall, my experience was excellent. The staff were friendly, polite, cheerful, and energetic. The Doctor was amazing. Very outgoing, energetic, empathetic to my pet, and showed/taught me why what they were doing during our session was important. Very informative. I will be recommending this Vet Clinic to my family and friends.” 08/12
    • “Best experience I have ever had in a Veterinarian Clinic, for me and my pet. Thank-you” 08/12
    • “I loved the staff. The main reason we switched clinics was because I didnt like the staff at the other clinic we were taking our first pup to. These staff at BBVH were amazing.” 08/12
    • “Loved the front staff as well as the vet. Seeing that it was our first time there everyone, not just the staff I was scheduled with, took the time to come and meet myself and my pup. I definitely feel very comfortable and secure they have my animals best welfare in mind.” 08/12
    • “100% best veterinary clinic.” 08/12
    • “The environment at Bow Bottom is very positive and full of energy. It is a very welcoming place and after the initial walk in my dog was very comfortable.” 02/12

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    This was feedback from our youtube Channel

    These are awesome videos!  It is so interesting to see how you conduct the treatments and to see the amount of work, energy and knowledge required for each procedure.  Your manner with the patients is outstanding as is your love for the patients and the joy you have performing the treatments. This certainly comes across in all the videos. Very interesting to see the responses from the patients. They are calm and are enjoying the attention. You speak so clearly and your explanations, as you work along, are very understandable.  The amount of education you share as you work along is amazing as well.”   Sharon

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    Client review on Dental surgery

    “As a greyhound owner, I was quite aware of the ‘Achilles heel’ most greyhounds face, which is their teeth. When Simon was brought up from the States, he had a full dental done, but one day when he was chewing on his bone, he yelped. Not thinking anything of it, and not seeing any blood or broken teeth at the time, I figured he was just being his normal ‘drama king’ self. When we went for his checkup was when the Dr’s noticed that his lower left canine tooth was fractured. My boy had to go in for a root canal under general anesthetic (which is also a scary thing for greyhounds). Luckily, Dr. Schell and the staff at Bow Bottom Vet clinic were there to help me and Simon (but mostly me) through the entire procedure, even allowing me to sit in the waiting room while the surgery was happening. Dr. Schell came out periodically and let me know how he was doing and what step they were at during the entire morning, which eased a lot of my fears.

    Simon’s surgery was a great success and he hasn’t had any problems since. We now brush his teeth regularly and he is on a dental diet. He was and still isn’t a great eater-he mainly just eats when he’s hungry, but I did notice that since the surgery he ate more regularly and put on an extra 2-3 pounds.

    Thanks to the staff at Bow Bottom Vet Clinic, Simon’s a healthy, happy pooch with a full mouth of pearly whites.

    I also do have to say that it is well worth the cost to get pet insurance on your pets. Because we had this, we didn’t have to worry about the cost of Simon’s surgery, it was all covered under his policy, with a minimal $2 increase in premiums at renewal time.”


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    “Egon’s teeth cleaning saved him from getting really sick-they were in such bad shape when I got him! Dr.Schell did a amazing job! Egon does not mind having his teeth brushed either-must have something to do with the chicken flavored toothpaste! Jennifer