May 02 2013

Case Story: Lice



Dr Schell took this photo of the huge “Linognathus setosus” lice she found on a dog patient this week.  This parasite lives on dogs and sucks the blood through the skin.  It is treated with topical lice treatment for dogs (Revolution), shampooing, and manually picking off the adult lice.  Essential oil therapy is beneficial to improve comfort.  It is highly contagious to other dogs, and transferred through contact with an infected dog, or through balls of fur infested with lice eggs or adult lice contracted in grooming parlors or daycare centers.  Fortunately, it will not live on humans, cats or any other species.  However, each species of animal have their own unique types of lice.
If your pet is itching, or has tremors or seems to have sudden sharp pains, definitely bring him or her to your veterinarian for a parasite/lice check!

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