Sep 18 2015

Toxicity of the Month: Xylitol (September Edition)

We are getting closer to the holiday side of the year where many of our pets have a greater chance at accessing foods or products that are dangerous to them. At Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital, we are going to start focusing on one toxicity each month to highlight specific concerns and doses of toxicity.

This month we are focusing on Xylitol! Found in gum, sugarfree candies and many of our own human toothpastes. It has been in the news a lot the last few weeks with concerns of it being added to foods like peanut butter (which is frequently used to treat our pets!)

Click below on the links to get the facts:

Xylitol Toxicity Information
Peanut Butter and Xylitol 

Planning a visit down to Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital soon? Come check out our new awareness board located in our dog lounge area! Educate and get the facts!

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