• Oct 13 2015

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    *New Article Alert*

    Brand new article by Dr Schell on how to decrease anxiety in our pets. Click HERE to read now!

  • Sep 18 2015

    Toxicity of the Month!

    We are getting closer to the holiday side of the year where many of our pets have a greater chance at accessing foods or products that are dangerous to them. At Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital, we are…

  • Sep 10 2015

    *NEW* TEST Available for Early Kidney Disease Detection

    SDMA & the Importance of Early Kidney Disease Detection …

  • Jul 10 2015

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    New Article Alert!

    New article has been written by Dr Schell to help the public learn why bathing our dogs is so important and beneficial! Click here to read it now! Enjoy and happy bathing!

  • Jun 18 2015

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    Canada Day Hours!

    Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital …

  • Jun 12 2015

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    New Article Alert!!

    New article written by Dr Schell outlining the wonderful benefits for using Green Tea in your pets' diet! Click here to get the details!

  • May 19 2015

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    New Article Alert!! Click here for the details!

    Dr Schell has widened her education once again by implementing a new technique using gold implants in pets with severe and chronic illnesses. …