• Oct 24 2013

  • May 02 2013

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    Case Story: Lice

    If your pet is itching, or has tremors or seems to have sudden sharp pains, definitely bring him or her to your veterinarian for a parasite/lice check!

  • Mar 26 2013

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    BBVH Open Good Friday

    Hello all! …

  • Dec 07 2012

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    Congratulations Tracey!!

    Dr Schell and Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital are very proud to …

  • Nov 07 2012

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    Come check out our new toys!!

    Come check out some of our new Natural and Organic toys!  We just got them in late last week and are super cute!

  • Oct 01 2012

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    Important Tests When Adopting A New Pet!

    It will forever amaze me how good dogs and cats are at hiding illnesses. They can be carrying and spreading so many diseases to other pets and ourselves without anyone knowing. Also, what may seem…

  • Jul 31 2012

    Don’t Take Flea and Tick Prevention for Granted!

    We are lucky in North America! The incidence of many infectious and parasitic diseases is much less than other areas of the world. However, take heed and be on the alert as new diseases emerge and old…