• Jun 06 2022

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    COVID-19 Update June 2022

    We are doing our very best to keep our staff and clients safe while providing important and essential healthcare to our patients.  Since we are a one-doctor practice, it has been and continues to be…

  • Jun 02 2022

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    Homeless Cats Are Hidden Healthcare Workers

    If you’re reading this, you’re likely an animal lover who already knows that life is better with pets! In fact, research to understand the ways pets can impact their owners’ health and…

  • May 26 2022

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    Do any of these pet owner stereotypes describe you?

    Whether based on studies, surveys, television, or the latest viral quiz on social media, there are stereotypes for just about everyone and everything. And don’t pet owners know it! Any woman with…

  • May 19 2022

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    Safety Precautions for Four-Legged Garden Assistants

    The snow is gone, and the trees are finally starting to show the green buds of new life. For many gardeners, it is time to dust off their gloves and take up their tools to transform their…

  • May 05 2022

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    Tick Vectors for Lyme Disease Are Back

    The Companion Animal Parasite Council released its 2022 Pet Parasite Forecast and the details will certainly bug you. Tick populations are on the rise, and they are spreading to new territories,…

  • Apr 28 2022

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    Pet First Aid Awareness Month

    During an emergency, time is of the essence. Every minute spent looking for supplies and first aid advice from Dr. Google (there really IS good information out there) delays your ability to assist…

  • Apr 21 2022

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    Heartworm Disease: Protect Your Pet and Slow the Spread

    If you are the guardian of a cat or dog, heartworm disease should matter to you. …