• Mar 13 2020

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    Dr Schell has written up a very informative article regarding the COVID-19 situation and companion animals. Don't forget to check Dr Schell out on Global News where she discusses the same important…

  • Nov 13 2019

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    Alternative Therapies

    Interested in learning about alternative therapies such as chiropractic for your pet? Click HERE to learn more!

  • Nov 05 2019

    Busting Myths About Parasites

    We're here to bust some common myths about parasites and parasite prevention. …

  • Jun 05 2019

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    Poor Air Quality and Pets

    New article written by Dr Julie Schell on the what to do with our pets when Calgary is hit with poor air quality. Check it out here!

  • Apr 11 2019

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    Learn a great deal about ticks from Dr Schell's new article:

  • Oct 02 2018

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    Adopting a New Pet

    Are you looking to adopt a new pet to add to your existing fur family, or considering a pet for the first time? Take a look at this new article Dr Schell wrote!

  • Aug 24 2018

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    Water Toxicity in Dogs

    In case you missed it, check it out on our FaceBook page or click the link here! Dr Schell discusses water toxicity in dogs during the hot summer months.