• Apr 06 2016

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    Heart Deficiency and Gold Homeopathic

    Dr Schell discusses Heart Deficiency and the use of Gold Homeopathic, both topics in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Learn more here!

  • Mar 24 2016

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    Dr Schell has written a new article on blindness in pets. Check it out here!

  • Feb 17 2016

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    Excessive Barking

    Dr Schell addresses excessive barking and how to prevent this unwanted behavior. Click HERE for the article!

  • Jan 07 2016

    Tails of Help Fundraiser Event is closed & the grand total is in!

    Thank you to all who helped make our Tails of Help Charity Events such a wonderful success! We raised a whopping $1631.20 this year and 100% of the proceeds are going¬†directly to Tails of Help. We…

  • Dec 29 2015

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    Keeping Pets Safe During the Holidays

    Another educational article is up about hazards during the holiday season from Dr Schell. Check it out here!

  • Nov 20 2015

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    ATTENTION: Blue Buffalo Tainted Products Affects USA & Canada

    There have been recent recalls on certain Blue Buffalo products, which have been sold in both Canada and the USA. View this article for Lot numbers that may affect you and your pets. ¬†We encourage…

  • Oct 16 2015

    Toxicity of the Month: Chocolate (October Edition)

    We are getting closer to the holiday side of the year where many of our pets have a greater chance at accessing foods or products that are dangerous to them. At Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital, we are…