Dr. Julie Schell  BSc(Hons), DVM, CVA, ACVCHM, CVC


We have been recently performing more Hydrotherapy Treatments for our patients.  What is Hydrotherapy?  Think of this:  a luxurious, warm shower with beautifully fragranced natural essential oil shampoo, amazing Tui Na Massage session, followed by a special Raindrop Therapy Essential oil treatment.  Amazing!


Warm water is very soothing to the muscles, skin and aching joints.  It improves circulation and also has the added benefit of cleaning your pet.  The water and shampoo wash away the environmental debris and antigens that settle in your pet’s coat. This effectively decreases itchiness and improves comfort.  It also helps remove matted fur, dead fur and helps reveal skin lumps and lesions so effective diagnosis and treatments can be performed.


Tui Na Massage is a powerful way to improve circulation and healing and decrease anxiety and pain.   

This is a video we made about Tui Na Massage in dogs:  



Essential oils are well known to improve blood flow, decrease anxiety and decrease pain.  Raindrop therapy is the use of 6 to 9 different, beautifully fragrant essential oils, diluted with a vegetable carrier oil, that are specially chosen for their unique anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, antibacterial, soothing and conditioning benefits.  


Contact us to schedule a Hydrotherapy session for your pet!  403 278 1984  welcome@bowbottomvet.com