Ciara H

Extended Care/Day Care

Ciara joined the BBVH extended care facility team in 2015. After a working in the human medical field for just under a year, Ciara discovered that the career was not a perfect fit for her and has since then come on board with the BBVH to follow her lifelong passion for animals and pursue a career working alongside animals. Ciara has been working on the hospital side to earn some experience in the VOA position as of late. Ciara and her family own a ten year old Ragdoll mix named Kaos and a Devon Rex kitten named Sabbath. In her spare time, Ciara enjoys checking out the local music scene, longboarding, and hiking around Alberta and B.C. Whenever Ciara has time, she’s more than willing to give some one-on-one TLC to the animals here at the hospital to get to know them better.