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At-Home Food Trials

Diet trial compliance
At-home tips for diet trials

A food allergy may be what’s causing your pet’s skin problems. To uncover which food or ingredient may be the culprit, you need to be committed to your pet’s diet trial. To stay on track, post this handout, along with any other dietary information provided by your veterinarian, in a highly visible spot, such as on your refrigerator or your pet’s food container.

The following points are key to the success of this diagnostic protocol:

• Feed your pet only the prescribed diet. No other foods or treats are allowed.
• Make sure all family members and friends know that your pet is receiving a special diet, and not to give outside food.
• If you need to use treats for rewards or training purposes, use some of the prescribed diet.
• If you have other pets of the same species in your house, feed them the same diet and feed them separately.
• Keep your pet out of the room during meals to avoid him or her picking up dropped food.
• If pills are prescribed for your pet, don’t hide them in anything other than the prescribed diet. If giving medication is a problem, please discuss with your veterinarian.
• Flavored products, such as those found in medications, toothpaste, and certain plastic toys, must be avoided during the diet trial.
• If your pet is in the habit of eating dropped food or garbage when exercised outside, keep it on a leash.


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