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Low Energy Photon Therapy


Dr Julie Schell  BSc(Hons), DVM, CVA, CVCHM, CVC

Maintaining optimal blood flow and lymph flow, otherwise known as circulation, is very important to promote healing and proper function of tissues.  Wound healing depends on it as blood carries essential nutrients such as oxygen and glucose and water to tissues.  It also carries white blood cells important to immune health including infection prevention.

Since the body, whether human or animal, is so complex, and is subjected to many external factors on an hourly basis, sometimes blood or lymph flow is blocked, and healing is delayed or hampered.   Things that delay healing can include toxic chemicals, excessive scar tissues causing strictures, poor nutrition, emotional stress resulting in blood pressure changes and releases of negative hormones such as cortisol which can delay healing.  Animals and people are constantly bombarded by parasites, viruses, chemicals, fungus, pollution, which the body has to spend energy and time dealing with.

In its complexity, the body needs as much positive direction and momentum to promote and direct the healing process as possible.   We can help the body’s natural ability to promote healing.  This includes treatments such as heat, ice at appropriate times, acupuncture, chiropractic, balanced and nutritious diet, herbal medicine, massage therapy, essential oil therapy, physiotherapy, gentle exercise, positive mental balance and low energy photon therapy.

Low energy photon therapy is a treatment that includes shining infrared and near infrared light waves onto a skin lesion or lesion of the eye (corneal ulcer).  When exposed to these wavelengths  of light, cells are able to improve recovery and repair via collagen production, undergo RNA synthesis needed  for cell regeneration, and stimulate mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell).

I first learned this technique during my acupuncture training.  We can use the Low Energy Photon Therapy unit to stimulate acupuncture points that are too painful to instill needles, or in patients that are very sensitive towards needles.  Usually each acupuncture point treated is light for 15 seconds with the unit.  At Bow Bottom Veterinary Hospital we often use Low Energy Photon Therapy to help heal eye ulcers and wounds, which are usually treated for 4 minutes at a time.   We also use it post surgically, along incision areas to further promote healing and thus pain control.   Animals are very cooperative during their treatments and often relax or fall asleep.  I am always impressed with the recovery rates while using the therapy, and it combines very well with other treatments.


  2. A Guide To Low Energy Photon Therapy by Gerard Cariier

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