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Heart Deficiency and Gold Homeopathic

By April 6, 2016 May 13th, 2016 Announcements, Bow Bottom Custom Articles

Heart Deficiency and Gold Homeopathic

Dr Julie Schell  BSc(Hons), DVM, CVA, CVCHM, CVC

Heart Meridian Deficiency is not commonly discussed in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) however it is discussed by Dr. Are Thoresen, Norwegian Acupuncture.  In addition to a Heart Deficient pulse, the Heart Deficient patient is often sorrowful.  They have often suffered sadness in life, or their parents have or their grandparents, all the way back 7 generations prior.  Sometimes the tongue will have an obvious crease down the middle all the way to the tip.  Fatigue, shortness of breath and lethargy may also develop pallor. The treatment for Heart Meridian deficiency includes:

1.  Pet owner wearing more yellow gold (necklace, pendant, or bracelet)- the higher the carat the better (ie 24K) and choose the color dark red (the Heart Color) for objects your pet uses such as blankets, leashes and collars.

  1.  There is an excellent ‘Heart Qi Soup’.  Feeding heart meat and heart-shaped foods is helpful to a patient with Heart Deficiency.  It abides by Doctrine of Signatures in TCVM   Try to feed this soup to your pet: 

    Large pets can eat about 1 cup of this soup daily.  You should also drink it yourself as humans and pets are so bonded that they often share the same deficiencies.  Thus, treating the human for the pet’s deficiency is helpful for the pet, and also the human. The herbs listed in the Soup can be found here at Bow Bottom! Let us know you require these, and we’d be happy to fill it.

  2.  This is a good instruction list for making homemade homeopathics: (you have to scroll down to see the directions on the website link listed below).  We have brown bottles here that work well if you need bottles.I use Evian water rather than tap or boiled water.  We have to make the gold “12D”  ie– the 12th dilution. For each dilution you have to concuss it 20 times , then remove 5 drops and put it in a new bottle filled with 30mL, concuss another 20 times, then take 5 drops from that and put in a new bottle with 30mL water and concuss again, etc.  This must be repeated 12 times to get the 12D.

The pet is given her body weight in kilograms in drops (1 drop per kg of weight).  For example, if the pet is 10kg, they get 10 drops per day, from a brown glass dropper bottle.   We can provide a dropper bottle for you.  (note that 1mL is 25 drops, so a 10kg dog  would get 0.4mL)

The gold homeopathic is given daily either at 12pm or 12am or as close to one of those times as possible. It is ok if given earlier or later if other times are not possible.

  1.  Also good for the Heart are to do things with your pet that bring you both joy.  Like walking through a park, and playing, visiting people and other pets you love.  Love and joy are important emotions of the Heart.  Love and joy must be encouraged and nourished. Laughter is the sound of the Heart.
  1.  Using essential oils such as Rose and Joy Blend which contains rose.  The flower and aroma associated with the Heart is rose.
  1. St. John’s Wort herbal tincture should be given orally, according to Norwegian Acupuncture.
  1. Acupuncture especially of the Heart Jing or Ting points such as HT9

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