• Jun 14 2018

    Dr Schell's New Company, PAWsionate Chefs!

    Have you ever considered home-cooking for your pets?  Dr Schell strongly believes in home-cooking meals for pets, as long as it's done in a way that keeps the food nutritionally balanced. There…

  • Jun 03 2017

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    Spring and Summer Hazards

    Click here to read Dr. Schell's new article about protecting your pet from spring and summer hazards!

  • Apr 26 2017

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    Click here to read Dr Schell's new article on Physiotherapy and tools to help strengthen your pet!

  • Nov 24 2016

    Foreign Body Ingestion

    Dr Schell has written a new article to educate pet parents about foreign body ingestion in our pets. …

  • Oct 26 2016

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    Restorative Balm

    Click here to learn about Bow Bottom's new Restorative Balm!

  • Aug 12 2016

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    Thunderstorms and Pets

    Is your pet not overly enjoying Calgary's latest thunderstorm weather? …

  • Apr 06 2016

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    Heart Deficiency and Gold Homeopathic

    Dr Schell discusses Heart Deficiency and the use of Gold Homeopathic, both topics in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Learn more here!