• Oct 02 2018

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    *New Article Alert!*

    Are you looking to adopt a new pet to add to your existing fur family, or considering a pet for the first time? Take a look at this new article Dr Schell wrote!

  • Aug 24 2018

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    **New Video Alert**

    In case you missed it, check it out on our FaceBook page or click the link here! Dr Schell discusses water toxicity in dogs during the hot summer months. 

  • Jun 14 2018

    Dr Schell's New Company, PAWsionate Chefs!

    Have you ever considered home-cooking for your pets?  Dr Schell strongly believes in home-cooking meals for pets, as long as it's done in a way that keeps the food nutritionally balanced. There…

  • Nov 18 2017

    We need you this holiday season!

    Charity season is upon us and we're happy to announce our charity of choice is Tails of Help once again! We love this charity. Make sure to check them out at to learn more about…

  • Oct 31 2017

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    November 2017 Closure

    Dr. Schell will be attending a Chiropractic Course November 9th-10th. …

  • Jun 03 2017

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    *New Article Alert!*

    Click here to read Dr. Schell's new article about protecting your pet from spring and summer hazards!

  • Apr 26 2017

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    *New Article Alert*

    Click here to read Dr Schell's new article on Physiotherapy and tools to help strengthen your pet!